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I only put up a sample of images on this website to do a blog around the event, and this site is not set up for selling or giving shots away.

I use a professional website made for photographers to do just that, therefore it needs a different URL

You can buy, Digital downloads, or printed versions of any image on the website, please allow 7-10 day for printed items, Digital images are delivered automatically in a few minutes after purchase and are delivered by email. No returns on digital downloads Sorry

Please head to to view all the images I have taken from an event and everything else I photograph.

If you have any problems please contact me

Thank you



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Follow The Disability Sports Network

The Disability Sports Network is now a CIC
Community Interest Company
Registration number 14952638 &
Member of the Sports Journalist Association

I donate to them every Month, What about you?, They save lives

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People playing wheelchair basketball at the Aspire leisure centre, Stanmore, London the teams are London Titans vs Wirldwind WBB
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