• 1 Year from a crazy idea to reality

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME 1 year ago on the 20th Jan 2023, I went to a mini-conference. After Gemma Stevenson talked about how the media does not have enough “Air […]

  • Black Friday Deals Now Available

    Click here to BUY the calendars or the frames Photos BLACK FRIDAY WEEK DEALS Calendars £12.00 including postage 1 photo per month (note the Goalball one will be added in […]

  • Show 2 goalball players defending the goal on a goalball court with the blue ball just being defelected off an defender and its played in a sports hall


    Well when I first heard about Goalball and the Blind Games in Birmingham, I was curious about what this was. OK, my first thoughts were it uses a ball and […]

  • BLIND FOOTBALL Women’s Argentina vs Sweden

    Argentina won over Sweden this morning in the Womans’s Blind Football Here is a small gallery of images more later this week

  • International Blind Games: Blind Football Italy 3 Thailand 2

    I did not know what to expect from this as I had never seen blind people play football before, It took a while to understand how it works, however, the […]

  • Men’s Mental Health Charity Football Match Tonbridge 27 June 23

    Last night I had the privilege to photograph a charity football match for the Mens Health The Score was afc Tonbridge 1-12 TN United The score was not really […]

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