• GoalBall at Reading 18-11-23
    Photographing many games from start to finish at Reading for the Intermediate level was a pleasure. I shot a lot of photographs over 3200 and edited them to around 819 that was a mammoth task and I have not even looked at the hours of video I took, so bear with me on that for… Read more: GoalBall at Reading 18-11-23
  • Black Friday Deals Now Available
    Click here to BUY the calendars or the frames Photos BLACK FRIDAY WEEK DEALS Calendars £12.00 including postage 1 photo per month (note the Goalball one will be added in a couple of days) Total 13 pages wire bound 12 different sports. Normal Price £13.50 each inc postage Valid until midnight UK time 30th November… Read more: Black Friday Deals Now Available
  • Boccia
    So what is Boccia, well it’s a ball game that you throw towards a White ball to see who gets nearer the Jack (white ball) however, these balls are quite dense and do not roll very far like a normal hard type ball. So when they land they land with a little thud and may… Read more: Boccia
  • GoalBall
    Well when I first heard about Goalball and the Blind Games in Birmingham, I was curious about what this was. OK, my first thoughts were it uses a ball and is a version of football played by the blind. Well, I was not far off it 3 aside with 3 goals and each person defends… Read more: GoalBall
  • 2024 Calendar Pre-Order Now
    Hello I have decided to print a calendar of disabled people in Sports, When I first started this venture in January 2023. I had no idea I would have seen a wealth of disabled sports in action this year, I believe the total is around 14 so far with many more to come. So this… Read more: 2024 Calendar Pre-Order Now
  • My Photos at the SB Arts Exhibition Private View
    I am amazed that just 6 weeks after I came back from the Invictus Games I am exhibiting 3 images from those Games. So how did it come about? After I got back and tried to relax and recover from the journey, intense photo taking of 5000+ photos and whirlwind use of 2 lenses lent… Read more: My Photos at the SB Arts Exhibition Private View
  • Calling disabled clubs in the London area
    Hello Everyone, I am trying to find clubs that help disabled people in sports and any disability or sports as I want to help you with some new and fresh photography for free if you are a “Not for profit”, “CIC”, or “charity” that has a turnover of less than £250K during the last accounting… Read more: Calling disabled clubs in the London area
  • Some very exciting news
    I have had 3 images selected for a 3-day exhibition of my images from the Invictus Games last month. I am very pleased with this news. The best news is they were all disabled in some way at the Invictus Games, let’s not allow this short exhibition to disappear without recognition of their efforts in… Read more: Some very exciting news
  • Another Podcast is available
    Hi All, I have been chatting with @FNDLifewith about my progress from being a mess to being fully involved with The Disability Sports Network which I set up on January 28th This year with a whim of an idea on the 20th January 2023. Since then my life has changed to one of confusion with… Read more: Another Podcast is available
  • AFK Charity Day with the Corporates at Canary Wharf
    Today started with some sunshine after heavy rain came overnight. This did not dampen spirits in the battle of the “Corporates” in Aid of the AFK charity. A full block of 264 images can be found on this link and these are some of the highlights of the time I was there photographing the volleyball… Read more: AFK Charity Day with the Corporates at Canary Wharf
  • AFK Charity Beach Volleyball Part 2
    Now that I have time to edit the photographs properly here are another 14 for your viewing. The full set of 169 images from Monday 16th can be found at I will also be there for the 21st September 23, Matches so watch out for more images from the day I am told it… Read more: AFK Charity Beach Volleyball Part 2
  • How many people are in the photo? or balls?
    This is a real image and how did I do it, well that’s the question, answer below the last photo Well, it was the only team doing this kind of warm-up exercise and basically, they were on the arch of the court, all just throwing balls at the basket and being returned to them by… Read more: How many people are in the photo? or balls?
  • Wheelchair Rugby at the Invictus Games 2023
    Wheelchair Rugby from the Invictus Games 2023, Dusseldorf More photos will be posted here and on my main-selling website
  • Wheelchair Basketball at the Invictus Games
    Wheelchair Basket Ball, is a mixture of fans and live-action play, More to follow in the coming days, after I have sorted through 3000+ images today, On my way home tomorrow might do editing on the train. Yes the lady getting proposed to was her birthday and she said Yes to the proposal More photos… Read more: Wheelchair Basketball at the Invictus Games
  • A few random shots of Track and Field events
    I got to the track a little late as I was photographing so my wheelchair Rugby photos will be up soon. I have to edit over 1000 shots and that takes some choosing to display the best of the run.
  • Other People at the Games inc Prince Harry
    I will let the photos do the talking, Need I say more? There will also be a link to the full gallery tomorrow
  • Wheelchair Rugby
    I have been very fortunate to borrow some new Z lenses from Nikon on-site at the games, basically the 75-180mm F2.8 and 28-75mm F2.8 as I knew I had limitations with my existing lenses, After having discussions with them, we decided I can try out the lenses. Yes, I love both of them and will… Read more: Wheelchair Rugby
  • Invictus Games 9th Sept 23
    Hi, yes I made it to Germany with no hassles whatsoever, The trains were quiet, except for a few loud English people who were going to watch the rugby somewhere and I just happened to be in the 4 with a table (not by choice). So yesterday I got my press pass and today was… Read more: Invictus Games 9th Sept 23
  • Sports Photography training with The Photography Foundation
    I found The Photography Foundation whilst looking for opportunities to teach other photographers as it is my time to give back and let go of some of my tips when photographing any sports. I also attended a few seminars with them to see the quality of the speakers and it was good. So I suggested… Read more: Sports Photography training with The Photography Foundation
  • What is Next for ME ??
    This is the biggest event I am going to so far and appreciate that I was able to secure a press pass for this event. I am going to the Invictus Games for 4 full days to see ours and other veterans compete against each other in a spectacular world of Sports. So watch out… Read more: What is Next for ME ??
  • IBSA Iran vs. Colombia
    This was an exciting match, so much so that I got too many images to show here, as the action was amazing. Check out the full gallery here Below is a small snippet of the photographs available
  • ISBA Blind Cricket Birmingham 2023
    I have played ordinary cricket, and unfortunately due to another commitment, I only got to see the warm-up plus a couple of practice catches, and batting. The main difference is the ball is a white lightweight plastic and has ball bearings that make a noise, The stumps are colour-coded black for 8 inches and if… Read more: ISBA Blind Cricket Birmingham 2023
  • Judo at the International Blind Games 2023
    Judo is a sport I have not looked into, so this was a first for me. From chatting to people at the event the only real difference is that the competitors can hold on to the opponent’s jacket. Also when a move is finished the competitors are gently guided back to the start position or… Read more: Judo at the International Blind Games 2023
  • IBSA Games Showdown
    This game was invented in 1940s to help soldiers with rehab coming back from the war, it has gone on to be a worldwide game and now competes at an international level. The game does not discriminate against blind or sighted people as wearers use eye blinds to play the game, thus presenting a level… Read more: IBSA Games Showdown
  • GoalBall Argentina vs Australia
    This is a glimpse into Goalball, 3 aside teams the ball has noise, like ball bearings and the audience is asked to watch in silence so that the players can hear the ball and not see it. I did a little video here and a few stills as I was trying to work out the… Read more: GoalBall Argentina vs Australia
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