I have new business cards for the Disability Sports Network

After hastily setting up The Disability Sports Network, It transpired that I had no business card to give out at venues or to players.

So I did a temp card to go alongside my existing card for Sunday, in case I needed to give out cards, which I did need

Then On Tuesday after the lecture/talk I gave at St Mary’s, I realised that I needed some ASAP. So Wednesday morning I designed these cards showing the disability element as well as some nice scenic etc.

You might ask why do not have all sports images, well not everyone wants a sporting image, they sometimes like a different image, so I am catering for a wide audience, plus I need some new disabled sports to photograph before I add more in the coming months.

Here is the result, Next time you see me, ask me for one



All my contact details are on the reverse side

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I donate to them every Month, What about you?, They save lives

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Moo business cards

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People playing wheelchair basketball at the Aspire leisure centre, Stanmore, London the teams are London Titans vs Wirldwind WBB
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