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I have done something different, as regards presents, I donate to the London Air Ambulance every month a small donation to their amazing efforts and have been doing this for around 18 months now. I keep things like this quiet.

However, they sent a letter to all subscribers this Christmas for help in buying new helicopters for their operation and these things are not cheap as you can imagine and need around £15 million to operate these life-saving helicopters as you will have seen on the various TV programs you can see on TV.

The letter had a little twist to their fundraising for a donation starting at £100 you can get your personal name on to the body of the new fleet of helicopters, that’s an amazing incentive to donate to them. I was going to put my name on this, however, as I actually help disabled people in sports through my photography, I asked if they would allow my name “The Disability Sports Network”  could be added as they did say no corporate names were allowed.

They came back and said yes to me, so I sent a donation (private amount) to them. In return, I received this certificate and letter.  I look forward to seeing my name on the Helicopter in due course.

If you want to do the same please go to this link and donate 

you will never know when you might need them.

Happy New Year


The Disability Sports Network

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