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Ever since I started my company “The Disability Sports Network” back in January 2023, I have had this idea to produce a sports magazine that showcases Disabled people doing any sport regardless of any level or ability they have attained whether it be a grassroots level or at Paralympic level which I can now reveal that I am going to photograph this in August/September 2024. This is the highlight of the year for me photographically.

So after a year of doing a lot of different events, I believe it’s at 16 now from Wheelchair Basketball to wheelchair rugby in the UK and Invictus games, Blind football, and everything else I have photographed in the past 18 months. I have a lot of photographs sitting on my computer and in my brain. So the idea of this magazine is to showcase a game, tell you who won, the score, the team and how to get involved if you wish to do so. Remember that you can be there as a supporter or a player and everything in between, disability does not limit you, only your mind. So why not try something close to you, you never know we could see you at the next Paralympics in 2028 and/or 2032.

So how can you help me Easy:

Buy a single copy of the magazine (1st Issue available August 24)

Buy a subscription 4 copies per year at £24 per year.

Single and Subscriptions to the magazine can be found here https://thedisabilitysportsnetwork.com/shop/

The prices have been based on around a 40-page book, full-colour magazine if you wish to download a sample magazine to look for yourself please use this link

Become a sponsor of the magazine

Become a sponsor of an individual or all 4 magazines for the year Prices on Application A few perks are available as well including 25 copies of the magazine sent to you, a full-page advert saying you are the sponsor of this magazine. (40 Pages) Click here to download a sample test copy of the magazine https://www.imagesfromaroundtheworld.com/portfolio/C0000PhneOHaWRXE/G0000qgC0nMnrPpQ

Please email me for details michael@thedisabilitysportsnetwork.com

Advertise in the magazine

Advertise with me the actual number of adverts per issue will vary, however, reasonable rates for full, half, quarter and eight pages are available.

Please email me for details

Any Questions? Please email me michael@thedisabilitysportsnetwork.com


This is a new magazine and I do not know what the return on your investment will be for you or myself. However, from the limited research I have done before this release, it’s going to be in good hands. So far it is already in the hands of our Disability Minister Mims Davis MP (I spoke with her on 20-5-24), The Sports Minister, People from BT Communications, the Head of the Lilac Review, Lloyds Bank people connected to the Lilac Review etc. and other I met at the Lilac review launch on the 20th May 2024.

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