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My FND has delayed this post, due to a few long-winded hospital visits due to people bashing me or dropping a water bottle onto my foot for more details please go to for details. this meant an ambulance had to be called due to my inability to walk

I am looking forward to 2024 I have these events and ideas coming in 2024

The things I may be involved in, but nothing is for sure yet, so here’s a brief list may be involved in, but nothing is set in stone yet!

This Website

  • There will be a new one early in the new year with features like
  • Easy to order photos in print or digital format
  • Be able to book me for a day event
  • Diary of events that I am attending
  • Normal updates of a new post on the website
  • Governing bodies for all disabled sports (this may take some time
  • Advert Space

Photography – More of

  • Wheelchair Basketball
  • Wheelchair Rugby
  • Wheelchair American Football – Yes a completely new sport to the disabled world – email me if interested and where you are located and I will forward it on
  • Disabled Track events
  • Disabled Badmington
  • Blind Football in France
  • Working with 2 mobility companies to do various projects
  • Wheelchair Tennis
  • Plus many others I hope as the year progresses
  • The BIG One The Paralympics the application is in, awaiting a return email


  • A new letter booklet – exact format in formulation as we speak
  • Framed Prints, prints, mounted, multi-frame These are available now! just email me for details
  • Mini Books of an event (Must be a whole day or longer event with multiple teams, a simple basketball game does not produce enough unique images) – However over a season then that is a possibility please ask for details of your idea
  • Photo sessions for teams – Any Sport that must disabled and will be considered first for other teams please ask for details
  • Corporate shoots sponsored events for disabled charities – Ask for details
  • Sponsorship of me for grassroots clubs photography Ask for details

Have I missed something you would like on the above please let me know

So if you have an event you think I would be interested in myself covering, please drop me an email to or call 07366 162 885 Office hours please 10am-6pm

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