Blind Bowling at the IBSA Games in Birmingham 2023

I was not sure what I would see (no pun intended) when I turned up to the Hollywood Bowl in Birmingham, but apart from a few guide rails and getting to know where everything was, it’s exactly the same as normal bowling.

I discussed with the managers of the centre where I could photograph from as standing on a lane, well its oiled and I was told I would slip and fall, now that’s something I did not want to do. However between lanes 17-18 there is a small walkway where I could sit or stand on, set up my tripod and shoot from there. Now if any of you have gone bowling you know the amount of light is not a lot and that does not help my photography. I found I could keep the background in focus and the people will have small movements where they are moving their body, arms and bowling balls.

However, I found out that the best way to capture this was a video and there is a link below for that (Please like and share both this blog and the video).

I wanted to show how blind people can compete in an international competition, or casually out with friends to go out with the sighted or ordinary friends.

Basically being blind is not a barrier to having a great evening or day out bowling.

Enjoy the Photos below and the links



Video Link

Fuller Range of still Photos

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