London Represents Fashion Inclusivity & Diversity

On Saturday 17th 2024 around 200 plus people gathered at the Cumberland Hotel at Marble Arch, London for a fashion showcasing 7 designers that showed diversity and inclusivity as their theme. We saw clothing that anyone can wear including people with needs eg Stoma bag access, drain tubes etc and similar medical devices.

The designers were

Mylk and Honey


Bibity Bobity Brides

Gunda Hafner



Central Saint Martins

Please google the designers

The show was prepared by London Organic

Please note there is a pink tint to these photographs, this was due to the lighting in the venue which was not great and not my camera. I have tried various colour corrections and the best I came out was, it came out with a green tint and not the neutral tint I wanted it made the photo worse so I stayed with the pink tint unless someone can recommend a fix

This is a small selection from the 347 I have selected and the rest of the images can be found at

Prices are now available depending on usage requirements on Rights Managed next to the image on the link above, just click the shopping cart

Please note I do not give away my images for free.

I also do Disability Sports Photography and other things (Not weddings/Portraits or still life), so I am available to hire for almost anything else, ASK ME as I have new ideas for new projects in the sports field.

Any problems please email me at

The Full gallery can be found

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