More sports ideas are needed. Book me for an event today!


I now have a few disabled sports events under my belt and would like to try some more different ones. I have done Wheelchair Basketball, Adaptive rowing, and Disabled Sailing.

So what about some Wheelchair Rugby, track sports, training or actual events, swimming, other Indoor sports, Sponsored events, in memory of events etc.

I have asked Google for some help here, but it comes up at the moment with events and tournaments around the world or is hundreds of miles away from London. For the moment I have to stay within the M25 ideally.

I am not fussy about what I photograph, I want to find my favourites and now that the summer is coming up we will hopefully be in the warm sunshine and enjoying ourselves doing sports of all kinds and activities.

So come on you organisers, companies and everyone, what are you doing this year?, I really would like to show a wide variety of events on my stand at the disability expo on The 6-7 July, so ideally they will be done before the end of June, so I have time to print up some sample events to show the world my work.


If you are within the M25 I photograph them for free, as long as I can sell the photos online. Yes, The club and organisation will get 800 pixel-wide images for their social media for free. (Sponsors are also needed Click here for more details) so I can facilitate this at an event. If it’s outside the M25 then I am going to have to charge expenses and travel, which I will work out and will be quoted separately after a discussion with you. Please note due to GDPR I can only really photograph over 18’s. If an event is for the under 18’s then at present I am going to have to decline, as the paperwork is a nightmare as I need every parent/guardian to consent to photograph the event which could run from a few to hundreds of people.

This offer is open to grass root level sports, sponsored or not in the disability sports arena.

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