London Marathon 23rd April 2023

Hello, Yes I did a cryptic tweet in the last few days on a big announcement, A few people liked it and one retweeted it, so what’s my News??

I have been granted a PRESS Pass to London Marathon on 23rd April 2023.

Now some of you might say well that was easy, in fact, I have been told by a source at the Press Association that they are picky on who they choose to give out these passes to and they are limited. Well, I was one of the lucky ones this year. I did a bit of research and the Sports Journalist Association which I am a member only got 4 passes last year (2022) and 1 person who has done most of them did not get one.

In my application, I said I will be concentrating on disabled runners and wheelchair users, yes, of course, I will photograph other things as well. As there are many fun runners in amazing costumes. Plus I listed this website as my reference along with my social media links. Plus I will also upload them to my own website at Yes you can buy prints etc

So did nobody work this out, the tweet before was quite specific and asked if anyone was running for FND and the Hashtags were running Marathon, London and FND

So if you are running in the Marathon on the 23rd PLEASE DROP ME A LINE via email, so I can at least try and find you amongst the 40,000 plus runners. I will be at the Elite Wheelchair start and I have yet to find out where the other disabled people will start, I will ask when I collect my pass shortly.

So for me, this is amazing news as it’s the biggest event I have ever covered. I believe it’s the universe’s way of saying to me that, I have set up “The Disabled Sports Network” at the right time in my life. As the set-up was sort of done on an amazing idea, maybe a stupid idea on Jan 20th and went live with only stock images to start on the 28th Jan, but it has worked. I am in negotiations with other organisations for events throughout the summer. I get a regular number of visitors every week to the website & on my social media as well.

So watch this space for more details of events as they come up. Please remember for now I am not paid to go to these events YET, so here’s an opportunity to

SPONSOR ME – Click here for details

So I can help a club/Local community with some amazing photography for their personal/Club use and hopefully elevate their club/sports to get more funding and essentially get more disabled people including myself into any kind of sports instead of sitting at home staring at a TV/Internet.

Disabled people want to have fun as well!

Last note, I will be submitting the best photographs of the day to as many newspapers, and disability magazines I can, so watch this space if I get any published anywhere

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