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I am now live on 28th Saturday 2023

Welcome to my brand-new website called “The Disability Sports Network” The main aim of this website is as follows:

1. Photograph people enjoying their sport whatever it is.

2. To encourage other disabled people to join in and have fun.

3. Get other carers, and supporters to become involved for example if you love the sport but cannot participate, then all sports need organisers, refs, trainers etc so the whole family, friends and fellow supporters can be involved in the sports at all levels.

4. I will be looking at the grassroots level of sports, as it’s very neglected from what I can see and hopefully photographing them and writing about them on this website. They will be sent out to all kinds of sports-related publications as everyone needs some recognition at times. Please note I do not guarantee exposure or that multi-million-pound contract – Sorry. But what you will have are some great photos and a write-up you can use for your own publicity. Please email me details for details of this.

5. Stock agencies are asking us photographers for images of disabled people doing everyday tasks, rehab, physio, cooking, sports, you name they want it. So I am looking for people who are willing to model for me for these agencies. Note a payment will be made to you and you will get copies of the photoshoot. A model release form will need to be signed as well for permission to use the shots. Email me for details.

6. You will be able to advertise on this website in the coming months, so watch this space for news.

7. Hopefully through this website we can get people into higher competitions and levels of expertise in their related fields.

8. I will lobby the relevant sports board for more funding for our future stars and clubs in the disabled sports field.

9. To promote that disabled sports is a year-round activity not just every 4 years like the Olympics.

10. I am going to cover a wide range of sports, exactly what is up to you, so send me an email as to why I should come and photograph you or your club. Please include your social media links as well thanks

My Background is I used to be a robotics engineer, however, my passion is Travel and Sports photography. In Easter 2022 I collapsed at Waterloo Station and was in the hospital for 5 days 3 during which I could not walk. I was diagnosed with FND (Functional Neurological Disorder). So I have spams, drop attacks, Brain fog, and difficulty walking to name a few of my symptoms. 2023 was a life-changing year going from a worldwide travel person to one, where I have to plan everything even if it was a visit to the local shops. Nothing is easy now and the sports I am looking at are court or trackside where I can stay sedentary and not run about too much.

After the final confirmation diagnosis in Mid September 2023, I decided I had to do something and not just sit at home and do nothing, so after careful thinking and a lot of research, I settled on doing my sports photography for the disabled community.

It was not until I attended a conference on the 20th January 2023 yes only 8 days ago, did I see what was needed. During the last session before lunch, I came up with the domain name “The Disability Sports Network” and as lunch approach, I typed that into my domain provider and it was available. OK, this is a sign. We broke up for lunch and checked again and the spelling and just registered the name there and then.

I was very excited by the content of this conference run by the Sports Media Identity Network. (Twitter @SM_identity) The afternoon sessions were also very helpful and hopefully, I have made a couple of good contacts, now this website is sort of up and running, I can start publishing it and talking to industry professionals to get things moving along.

Due to my condition and costs, I have to limit my initial sports to within the M25 and I live in Kingston Upon Thames. I will travel further to do special projects, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

So what do I need from you? please retweet, email or share this website with everyone you know, big or small companies, clubs, newspapers, magazines etc I have listed a set of channels I have made for this website that you can follow. OK no content yet, but in time there will be, so subscribe to your favourites and share.

The Three main one I will be using is the

1. Please subscribe to the Newsletter on this blog/website and every time it is updated you will get a notification.

You can also subscribe to the updates via the link on the homepage https://mailchi.mp/8c9b03001902/the-disability-sports-network-email-list

2. Twitter I will use to publish everything from clubs, a great photo to where I will be on a particular date etc

3. Instagram to show those photos I have taken with a small story behind them. Then they will be uploaded to my main website as stock images (with your permission of course).

The Links are here, come on and subscribe

Web: www.thedisabilitysportsnetwork.com

Instagram: @thedisabilitysportsnetwork

Twitter: @DisSportsNet

Youtube: @thedisabilitysportsnetwork

Tick-tock: @Disabilitysportsnetwork

Snapchat: @disabilitysport

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100089857622265

Email michael@thedisabilitysportsnetwork.com

One last thing I do not get any sponsorship for this yet, so please consider buying me a coffee or sending in a larger donation via this link. Every £ is appreciated. As I do need some new kit as mine is very old and just about works.


Or sponsor me direct this link is now live


Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you all soon

MIchael Crawford Hick

Email michael@thedisabilitysportsnetwork.com

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