Disability Expo 6-7 July 2023 at the Excel Centre, London

was looking at ways to advertise that my company “The Disability Sports Network” could advertise its fledgling business, as I only started this a week ago yes a week ago, from an idea on the 20th January 2023 with no plan in sight, but it felt right so I went ahead with it anyway.

There are numerous ways,

  1. In a disability print magazine
  2. Social Media e.g. Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and others
  3. Word of mouth
  4. Contacting various sporting organisations and asking them directly
  5. Exhibition advertising of some kind

Now I will be doing Numbers 1-4 in some format, however, I had a think about the disability show in July and Naidex in March. I put enquiries into each and the disability show came back to me. I was expecting many £ 1000s which they can offer for a large stand 3 x 2m and above, but all I want is somewhere to hang some photos, have a table/chairs to discuss things and hand out leaflets, take bookings etc, so I said what do you have in the small range?.

They said a 2 x 1m stand is available and they quoted me a price for this, I was surprised by the cost, so I asked them some questions and well I signed the deal within the hour. (it was less than the £1000’s I had envisaged. To be honest it was good value for money as advertising and getting your name and face out in front of the public. Also, you will get the privilege to meet me and quiz me if you want and hopefully book a photo session plus there will be show-only discounts available.

I now have to find half the money by end of March and the balance end of April, Aargh not sure how I am going to do this as I don’t have a plan, yet, so have to wing it for now! Nothing like flying by the seat of your pants on ventures like this, so if anyone wants to chip in, I will sort out a print of your choice depending on the value of the donation (the size will be a reflection) into the fledgeling business anything from a cup of coffee upward is very welcomed. (note a cup of coffee for £5 does not qualify for a print sorry), https://www.buymeacoffee.com/mchphoto20s

I would also be open to any kind of sponsorship deal especially a Nikon Kit if that was available, please contact me with an idea or something.

I am so excited I have never had my own stand or really exhibited myself or my work, But this time it’s all about me and my disabled sports photography.

Please note this event has now closed and registration for 2024 will be available soon

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