Social Media and PR person required


I am needing someone to help me manage my social media, e.g. Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Tiktok etc on an as-needed basis as this venture of mine seem to take up all my time talking to customers and taking and editing photographs. Plus helping myself write and send out press releases ahead of the event. I want to concentrate on photography and talking to clients about their needs.

So I would like to pay some for a few hours a week, I am not exactly sure on exactly how many yet, as most of my events will be focused around the weekend, probably the next day, or when I go to the International Blind Games there will be a daily upload to social media probably around 1 hr work. for 5-6 days.

I would supply you with the photographs all ready to go with my logo, with some main hashtags embedded into them, I will supply these separately as they change depending on what sport I am photographing.

I also have a local friend who wants this as well, who lives near me in Kingston Upon Thames and it’s another CIC.

Please drop me an email to with some links to your existing work if you are interested Ideally you will live in London, so we can meet and sort out a plan of action. Please note I will not consider anyone outside the UK.



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