Sorry for the silence

For me life has been very hectic over the past few weeks, as I was busy preparing for the Disability Expo, The Parallel Lifestyle event I photographed, redesigning the website to add new features, (still a few items I want to add & changing eg the front page) and of course the old FND decided to kick in when I really did not want it to, so that floored me for the odd days here and there.

There will be more extensive entries next week however here is a new summary

The Disability Expo on the 6/7th July

This for me was a resounding success for me, people loved what I was doing and had many enquiries and lots of contacts made in fact the next 2 Sundays I am taking photographs at an adaptive rowing event and next Sunday I am with the Police and the for a finals match of 7 aside football more details after the event.

These were through people I met at the expo

This was my little stand at the Disability Expo more next week from the show

Disability Show 6-7 July 2023

The Parallel lifestyle event

This was an amazing day where any disability was included in 100-meter runs for all ages, 5 and 10K runs, and lots of activities for everyone. I was there to photograph the essence or happy faces of the event.

I met again lots of people at the show and made good contact for photography opportunities including teaching a couple of people to do sports photography for September when there is a beach volleyball tournament in Canary Wharf, they are bringing in 200 tons of sand for this event, more detail nearer the time.

Just a few shots more coming later or view them at This is my photo web-hosting site

The New Website

It has lots of new avenues for you to explore, some are not quite there, as when building it, a few headaches have become apparent and need fixing next week. Especially the front page, and the links to the photography course and tips will be populated hopefully next week.

Sponsorship on the website

I need to raise some money so that I can photograph CICs, Not for Profits and Charities for free, why am I doing this, well in simple terms they don’t have £200-500+ for photography attendance and usage charges. So I have set up a professional sponsorship page, where you can help me by sponsoring for example this blog entry, taking an advert on the website, what about some of your logos on my workwear when I go to events, Also I do have the International Blind Games coming up so need accommodation, travel and bits and pieces, I am going for 5 of the 10 days, you could sponsor me being there for 1 day or more?

Also, I am photographing smaller events for 1/2 and full days where I can supply the photos for free to the charity etc and I get some payment for my efforts etc.

I want to reach disabled people to take sports photography, however, if that is not their area, then I will help them out with a new area. If I can supply this to disabled students then they may be able to make their own way in the world doing photography. I will be looking into grants for this as well.

Have a look at what you may want to help me with, or even just buy me a coffee (front page) for £5 if you cannot help me in a larger amount.

Sponsorship link direct


As usual, this slowed me down, when I really did not want to slow down, just typical and then I get tired and the will to do any computer work, gets delayed because I cannot concentrate on the tasks at hand. So now I have to build in some extra time to relax and recover from whatever FND throws at me, especially at the time of any kind of stress.

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