Calling disabled clubs in the London area

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to find clubs that help disabled people in sports and any disability or sports as I want to help you with some new and fresh photography for free if you are a “Not for profit”, “CIC”, or “charity” that has a turnover of less than £250K during the last accounting period.

Why am I doing this? A lot of social media for these clubs has not been updated since the pandemic happened and even when I write to an organisation if I see their activity is sort of active I never get a reply. I know we would have lost some club members due to covid, and that you may have closed down the club due to lack of interest etc.

All I ask is you say that on your social media or update your website saying that.

That being said with the run-up to the Para Olympic Games, I am keen to make links with the following sports:

The List is 22 Sports that are running at the Para Olympics 2024

Blind football



Para archery

Para athletics

Para badminton

Para canoe, 

Para cycling road,

Para cycling track

Para equestrian (para dressage)

Para judo

Para powerlifting

Para rowing

Para swimming

Para table tennis

Para taekwondo

Para triathlon

Para shooting

Sitting volleyball

Wheelchair basketball

Wheelchair fencing

Wheelchair rugby

Wheelchair tennis

The ones that are in Bold are ones that I have seen and photographed, However, I still need local clubs in the London area to help them ride the wave of publicity that the Para Olympics will generate from July to October 2024 and beyond.


However, if you have any other sport you want to throw at me, then by all means drop me a note as I am always looking to help the lesser-known sports and hopefully help the people competing for fun or being serious, the behind-the-scenes look and everyone involved you could always use better photography than you have for now. You have nothing to lose, just drop me an email NOW


The reason I said London is that I live in Kingston and I myself am disabled with FND (finding it difficult to walk and a whole host of other things etc.) I am not allowed to drive due to spasms, but for further out distances we can come to some arrangement, So don’t be afraid to send me a message.

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