My Photos at the SB Arts Exhibition Private View

I am amazed that just 6 weeks after I came back from the Invictus Games I am exhibiting 3 images from those Games. So how did it come about?

After I got back and tried to relax and recover from the journey, intense photo taking of 5000+ photos and whirlwind use of 2 lenses lent to me by Nikon Germany, I was scrolling my Instagram feed, and a call for photos for an up and coming exhibition in North London. The entry was free, the instructions were to send a sample of images and I selected 10 low-resolution photographs within 24 hours I had my Answer they had picked 3 photos. I was over the moon about this.

So busily got them printed, framed, and mounted then delivered them well before the deadline.

For the short time between delivering, I started to put the word out there, that I have an exhibition of such new work, it sort of felt sureal and still does.

Well. the day came to see the photos in this mixed media show, there were sketches, oil and other paintings, and a few photographs on display as I walked into the gallery and was warmly greeted by the =host SB Arts. I quickly found my photos and to see them up on display was amazing. People started to arrive just after 6pm and the crowd was nice and steady throughout the evening. I met some of the other artists and they told be a bit about their work etc as I did.

For me, everyone liked the guy in red Jersey (Playing Wheelchair Rugby for England, they all were drawn to this one particular image. I also eves dropped on a couple of conversations about my work and it was all good reviews I am glad to say. When I did speak about my disability Sports Photography and how I came about to do it with my illness of FND (Functional Neurological Disorder) they all said how far I had come in such a short time. I am now realising this as I am talking to more and more people. This is an amazing confidence booster and seems like I am on the right track with all sorts of things happening when I need them to do something, Call it Karma, Devine Intervention, or just good luck, all of those things and more as I am slowly getting my name out there in the disabled world on the work I am doing for disabled people and I can see their eyes light up in “at last something is being done about promoting disabled people in a positive light”, this was one of my main goals as there are so many negative photos out there, I am now starting to show disabled people in a positive light.

The photos exhibited are below and there is a small gallery of images I took of the gallery and artwork and people at the private view on Friday.

I am going back to see what members of the public say about my work tomorrow from 1-4pm I would love to see any of you there, as this is the last day of the exhibition.

On Monday I will follow up with a few more images and maybe a few more things that might be happening in 2024, as I need to discuss a potential project with the SB Arts Crew and see what happens.



SB Arts Private view
SB Arts Private view
SB Arts Private view
SB Arts Private view
SB Arts Private view
SB Arts Private view
SB Arts Private view
SB Arts Private view
SB Arts Private view
SB Arts Private view
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