Exciting times ahead for The Disability Sports Network

There are a lot of developments happening in my world at present and they will benefit everyone in the disabled sports arena and beyond

1. A brand-new website to wander around. Please wait for the announcement as it is not uploaded yet.

You can take a look at www.imageafromaroundthwworld.com


2. There will be photography tips sent once a week by email if you sign up. They will appear on the website a little later. Eg a week later.  Also, they will be separate from the Sunday uploads on my activity etc.

3. My usual blog entry

4. List of events that I am going to be at taking photographs like the international blind games in August and others yet to be finalised.

5. If you want me to come and photograph your sports event please email me and ask me if I am free, please note it’s free for charities/non-profits/ CIC etc others will be paid for photography events so please ask for a quotation.

6. STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY Once I start photographing disabled people in ordinary circumstances you will be able to order digital downloads of these images for your company/newsletter etc signing up for regular email alerts will get you the latest info as soon as it’s available. Eg stock photography of disabled people. A email will be sent out when any new images are available. Also if you want something specific please come to me with your ideas. I may be able to make it happen. Just ask!

7. Link to a sponsorship page where you or a company can help me by sponsoring me in various packages to help the grassroots clubs get better photos for their social media. Lots of opportunities here to help the community.

8. “The Disability sports network” HAS become a CIC. What this is basically profits will become available at the end of the tax year to help charities and non-profits out in various ways. This is a work-in-progress plan, however, it will be updated when I give the profits to as and when the info is available. (Note I will be drawing a salary myself)

9. Videos, as I go to events I will be doing a lot more videos and they can be viewed on my YouTube channel

10. A product review page. I will review any products that I deem relevant to my life and does it make an enhancement etc. I will do paid and non-paid ones depending on the product proposed to me. Please email me with ideas of which products you want me to review especially if they help FND Functional Neurological Disorder.

11 In late September I am going to offer photography courses to anyone who wants to learn to take better photographs. The way I teach is less is better and simple changes to your camera settings and maybe from a different angle can make a mediocre photo amazing. Yes, it’s that simple. I hope to bring face-to-face meetings in the London area and may also do some by Zoom. The details are still to be worked out on that.

12. On a similar vane I am teaching some 18-25-year-old budding photographers via The Photography Foundation so you can see me in action with video and still teaching various skills on the 31st August I will be doing basketball photography, the videos etc and lesson plan will be available approx 10 days after.

If you have a school/ educational institution that would benefit from a real-life sports photographer teaching some basic skills such as sports, travel, and candid type of photography etc then please get in touch and we can discuss a possible lesson or more.

So it looks like a very busy time for me and hopefully, you will all love the new features of the website.  When I set this up on a wild idea on 20th Jan 23 and it was live on 28th Jan, I did not know it would grow in popularity this quick. The decision to go to the disability expo again was a whim and at the time of ordering a stand, I had a little idea how I would pay for it. However, nothing concrete so to speak. It has all now been paid off, banners have arrived just a few extra things to be delivered for the event on July 6-7 at the London Excel Centre Hall 4.

I am amazed at how I have changed ever since my FND diagnosis 14 months ago with a life-changing event. However, I am proof you can have a new life, at times it has been very hard, especially day-to-day life with all that FND throws at you. I want to show the world you can have a life after FND.

Thanks for listening and reading my blog


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