Disability Expo 6th 7th July


Well, it is just under a month before I go to the disability expo for the first time, exhibiting my photography skills, and what I can do for you.

It was not until I received 2 banners I had designed & printed last Friday, did I realize that I am really going to say Hi to you all shortly.

I have been to Naidex, as only a visitor, and many moons ago with a drives controller for your powered wheelchairs in the mid ’90s.

This time I am going to show my photographic skills and plans on how I am going to photograph disabled people having fun with sports and hopefully, some do some lifestyle photography. Yes, I am a little nervous, about showing off my photography skills I have as I have only really done this online. In-person is a different matter.

So what can you expect to see from me, well the small stand is CR 12 a corner stand.

It will have two large 800 x 1200 banners on the stand, table, and two chairs.

So what am I going to offer?

Showcasing my disabled and other sports photography of people in sports etc.

1. How I photograph an event in the form of some kind of book, but will probably be a small folder of images from a couple of events I have photographed already.

2. I will be offering Photo lessons from the basics to more advanced and the starters course will show you how to get the best out of your photography including printing your images at a lab or home. Yes, you can make amazing images even with just a phone. I hope to do these in person initially in London, the details have yet to be ironed out and I would love your input as to where you would like to see them in the UK.

I can do either 1:1 or small groups say 5 people these will be paid events the price of the course has yet to be decided.

There will be a little form to tell me where and if you have extra friends to put into a draw to win a free session. If you say somewhere in the middle of nowhere with only one person, then sadly I cannot do that but think which major town you can easily get to for a half or full-day event. The exact format will be published sometime in August.

3. You can sponsor me in various ways, as I would like to do the event photography for disabled sports charities at low or no cost. These desperately need good photography, or I can train these people to take better photos More details will be coming soon as that is just being set up. Ask me about it.

4. You can come and actually speak to me and ask questions. See my work in printed format.

5. You can ask me to photograph one of your events, I need to know the details of the event e.g. time/location, and what you want me to do. Please note some events are chargeable, it depends on what you are trying to offer the public and the actual location, etc. Talk to me please and if someone you know will sponsor me then all the better.

Note: Please remember I have FND (Functional Neurological Disorder) so get exhausted very easily, so please do not expect me to go from London to say Manchester for an event and come back the same day. For me that is not possible I will need to stay overnight maybe on both sides of the event depending on what is happening and I will need to get travel expenses as well e.g. Train/Taxis etc as I am not allowed to drive.

6. I am looking for individuals, clubs, associations in fact anyone who would like to be a lifestyle model(s) to help promote positive disability in a series of images that the world is demanding right now. As the existing offering is out of date in many of the world’s stock photography. You can be doing every days tasks, go to the shops, doing exercise, sitting at a computer doing stuff, travel (depends on where). What people all over the world are looking for is everyday tasks that a disabled person does, even if that seems boring e.g. taking your blood sugars as a diabetic, getting the items ready so you can sleep well, etc. I am sure you get the idea. Full details are being put together.

Well, that sounds like a tall order for me, please be patient with me as for the moment I am the only person on the stand, I do hope to have some help, but will not know for a while yet.

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