GoalBall at Reading 18-11-23

Photographing many games from start to finish at Reading for the Intermediate level was a pleasure.

I shot a lot of photographs over 3200 and edited them to around 819 that was a mammoth task and I have not even looked at the hours of video I took, so bear with me on that for another post later in the week.

I will give you a snippet of what I took as there were 5 teams I am going to limit this on this PAGE ONLY to a few Images per team.

So where are the rest I hear you cry. well follow these links for the whole set and you can buy from me individually as digital downloads without my logo, and or as prints which will be sent to you,


Message for Principles, Managers Owners etc, please email me the reference numbers of up to 10 images (eg whole web address) and I will send you 10 Free of charge with my Logo on, with the proviso that you do not sell them, they can be used on social media and distributed to your team, however, I would like the following tags so I can see where my photos are being used and it helps me get more social media traction as I did this event for free and I paid for travel and food costs etc.

Tags for the photographs when posting on social media – Thanks

Instagram: thedisabilitysportsnetwork X: DisSportsNet

Linkedin: Michaelcrawfordhick Tiktok: thedisabilitysportsnetwork

For any website use please acknowledge the copyright e.g Michael Crawford-Hick / The Disability Sports Network

ALT Tags, there are too many photographs to input this in a timely manner which is why I have put them into teams, as basically the stages would be so similar e.g. GoalBall reading, 18-11-23 Winchester saving a goal with two of the 3 players trying to find the ball while it is bouncing around the players.

However, does anyone know of an AI software/APP that can automatically describe what is going on in the photograph and ideally send it to the alt text field, however, most internet companies eg Instagram, Twitter and Facebook remove this text as I upload the photographs. It also strips out all my data on who owns the photo, my contact details, my website etc, So I am in an ongoing battle with the internet providers to stop this practice. If you come up with a solution then you get to pick out any photo to be printed to A4 and sent to you, once I have proven the software does actually work.


Birmingham : https://www.imagesfromaroundtheworld.com/index/G0000AlFIROBRxcs

Croy Sutt Warriors: https://www.imagesfromaroundtheworld.com/index/G0000AA5S9UKGr_o

RNC Academy : https://www.imagesfromaroundtheworld.com/index/G0000pFVf5P0kOY8

RNC Hereford : https://www.imagesfromaroundtheworld.com/index/G000092BSJMz_Q.k

Winchester : https://www.imagesfromaroundtheworld.com/index/G00004p.dCkxVqbs

So here is a brief sample of the images in no particular order

Enjoy and remember to tag me, need help email please michael@thedisabilitysportsnetwork.com



Random Photos from the day each team is here

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