Invictus Games 9th Sept 23

Hi, yes I made it to Germany with no hassles whatsoever, The trains were quiet, except for a few loud English people who were going to watch the rugby somewhere and I just happened to be in the 4 with a table (not by choice).

So yesterday I got my press pass and today was basically telling us what we needed to know etc. for tonight’s opening ceremony. However I was able to see the last 30 minutes of the performance and as you know or may not know part of my FND, loud sounds, crashes, flashing lights, and the fact, that I would have to stand for 3-4 hours, no seats for us photographers. I got some shots of parts of the show. However, due to myself being neuro neuro-diverse person, I am with FND as well. I decided this opening ceremony I could not relax and take photos, nor deal with the 20,000 crowds trying to get home on the metro at whatever time it ends.

A few people in the press room complained that the thing was too loud, if any feedback ever got to the organizers I do not know. However I am just neurodiverse and I could not stand that noise I had ear defenders on and still could hear clearly the music and people on the microphone, so it must have been loud. I wonder when they put together the show, they took into account the amount of the armed forces people who are the main focus that might suffer from a form of PTSD in the form of flashes, bangs, and other noises that might trigger an episode of some kind. We as media have not to approach any athlete for this reason making them shocked when say asking for an interview or more photos without their knowledge can send them into shock. If we want to interview a person we need to go through the team liaison or captain and ask and they will get back to us with a yes or no.

If you make me jump by talking to me loudly behind me and tapping me on the shoulder, actually makes me fall down and I cannot walk for up to 4 days and then spend 8 days in hospital as someone did that to me in a food shop on Friday 10th March. Plus I did not do what these men and women have done for their country, I just got FND. This has happened twice now.

I only took a few photographs and they can be seen below or larger ones that can be purchased at

P.s. Some of the dancers look out of focus, however, they are moving around on stage and this is motion, cannot wait to see this one in print.

The hard work of the actual games starts tomorrow and I will if all going to plan have some track, Wheelchair Rugby, and power lifting.

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