Sports Photography training with The Photography Foundation

I found The Photography Foundation whilst looking for opportunities to teach other photographers as it is my time to give back and let go of some of my tips when photographing any sports. I also attended a few seminars with them to see the quality of the speakers and it was good. So I suggested we talk and finally we arranged a date and time I could teach some sports photography.

We chose basketball as there was a court we could use very nearby on the top of a building just outside the North Greenwich Tube station.

The Itinerary was quite loose, after a welcome tea and coffee time, we did some classroom on what types of photography I do and an introduction to how I photograph my new disabled sports photography, what we will hopefully learn today and what equipment you may need on a shoot.

With the classroom stuff over, we cut it a bit short due to the impending rain, which came but was not enough to head inside. One of the participants found the ball and started playing, it was a delight to see that he knew how to play, then cameras at the ready and shoot. I was wandering around the court checking on the attendees and answering the questions they might have, I suggest some minor changes to make the image more powerful e.g. Fill the frame if possible.

Anyway after around an hour we headed back, and from what I saw there are some great shots my the prartispants. I answered more questions once we got back and I shared more of my new disabled photography sports work.

The class dispersed and I started till around 3 then headed home. I felt it was a very productive day and The Photography Factory said I got a rating of 4.9 / 5 which for my first in-person workshop was amazing, so the bar has now clearly been set and that I can teach new things to people who want to learn.

Before you ask, Once I come back from Germany in October I will be putting some courses up in the new year initially in London Based, There will be half and full-day events available from

The camera basics


Photoshop or equilivent

How to take better photographs

Sports Photography

Plus many more

Here are a few photos from the session



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