The Disability Show 6-7th July

For me this was a make-or-break show, as since starting up “The Disability Sports Network”, I have found a warm welcome amongst the disabled community to what I am doing, e,g, helping grass root level clubs, associations and individuals to get some better photography for low cost or zero cost to them.

I made the decision in early March to take a stand without the real money behind to take it to the next level at that time, however as time went by I saw where the money could come from, and when I finally got the money together and started to order items I needed e.g. new leaflets, banners had to be designed and printed and a host of other things that go along with going to the exhibition.

I was a little nervous as this show would be the first time to show my sports photography to the general public on my own and gauge their reaction. I can now say it was a positive one and the amount of people who wanted to use me or find out more information was suck a positive note for me, as it was almost non-stop for both days.

The FND I have was sort of kept in check despite the long hours, and work, towards the end of Friday the last day, I felt a few twinges in my knee, well nothing unusual there as I have those all the time. However 4 pm came and time for packing up, I started to take down the stand and then tried to walk over to pack something away, then the FND kicked in with my left knee going, I was in such pain and the knee had no power, luckily I was able to be helped to a chair. The two stands near me ‘Trendy London‘ and ‘Tree of Hope ‘ saw me go down and rushed over to help me and see if I was OK. I was not, I was in pain and unable to walk and then they asked how I was getting home, at that time I said I don’t know as I came by train and was going back by train, but with my knee/leg as they were this was going to be impossible. Between them, they hatched a plan and Georgina of TREE OF HOPE, said my friend will take the train home, I instantly offered her money for the fare and Georgina said I will drive you home, I could not believe that she would drive 90 plus minutes each way to get me home. Such a kind act and I could not even pay for petrol she refused to take any money.

Crises adverted, note to me plan a way of getting home without the need for intervention from others. These people only knew me from the show and that was the kindness that helps a person in need. So again my heartfelt thanks to all the people involved in getting me home safely. It took the whole evening for my leg to recover and the next morning, I was still in pain, but safe at home.

The results so far, are that I have 2 photo shoots booked already one with I did last Sunday 16th July to photograph Clive at a Deaf and Disabled rowing event in Clapton, London. Then through another contact, I am photographing a football finale match for the charity African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust and the Police and Kick off at 3. to be played at the “The Warren” in Bromley I believe there are 4 leagues playing and starting at 10 am and finishing somewhere late afternoon.

I know there are more to come, we just all need to re focus and recover from the show and slowly get back to work.

This I believe is under 16’s and there are teams coming from all over the UK and even Northern Ireland.

The photos will be available on Monday after for definite, maybe a few on Sunday , but lets see what time I get to edit the photos and upload them first.

So as my stand was busy I only had time for a few run and shoot a few snaps of the show, so there they are:

Will I be there next year, I have no idea yet, I may even be at Naidex, just watch this space for more news, nearer the new year.


If you have the Social Care card, then you can get 10% off any pohotographic item on my website

Sponsorship Opportunities

I have losts of sponsorship opportunities to help me evevate the grass roots level sports through my photography. If you would like to sponsor an event, take an advert on my website, or help me in another ways, please take a look at this link, if you need any help, please email me



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