Ride London

Ride London 2023

Last weekend on Saturday I only found out that this was happening, so no time to get a press card or anything so I hoped that the crowds would not be intense as the London marathon and luckily they were not.

This was a change for me to try my New Z50 camera I had just purchased as this operated in a different way to any other camera I had, dials were different, the electronic viewfinder, a flip-up display, 11 frames per second I am only used to around 5-6 and for sports that is sometimes a little too slow.

I went there with little or no expectations except to experiment as cycling is not an event I would normally cover, never interested me, but cycling or any object passing you by at speed is an ideal time to work out how this camera focused and handled the cyclists wizzing past me.

I mainly focused on the elite cyclists who did an 8-mile round trip 8 times around London starting and finishing at the mall. So where ever IU was on the course they were going to come past me 8 times, so plenty of changes to try different things.

In Short, I was very impressed with the camera, its focusing, metering and the 11fps, here are the results Enjoy

So you can see, it’s me who is disabled with FND and not the event. So I can have a go at any type of sport, why not give me a challenge and ask me to photograph something different or a usual game/tournament of your choosing hopefully within the M25, but will travel for something completely different.

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