FND it’s what I have and it’s being talked about on SKY TV

This is an ideal way to explain what I have along with tens of thousands of people and what we have to deal with on a day-to-day basis, Yes I have FND and wish I didn’t, but it is opening up new doors for myself and my creative photography ideas and photographing disabled sports in all their glory. However some people have worse symptoms and are confined to bed almost every day with full-body seizures etc. Every person has different symptoms, and that is one reason it’s hard to get a proper or timely diagnosis.

My Condition

FND is not contagious, you might see me do a drop attack where I almost fall over, I get brain fog and forget how to say things or remember common words. I get tired very easily, and I am in pain almost 24/7, especially in my right leg and waist area. So you will probably see me moving on a chair this is normal for me, there are a few other symptoms.

I want to be treated as a normal person who is disabled, my name is Michael and really don’t want to be called a disabled photographer. it’s Michael the Sports Photographer, please!

If I do fall over, I do not need an ambulance or hospital trip, just sit me up it may take a few minutes to recover. I will tell you if I need an ambulance or hospital treatment usually if my legs give up completely and I cannot walk then it’s time for an ambulance. I wear a Sunflower Lanyard at all events, which tells the medics/organisers of my condition. I usually hand this to them straight away it helps them

I know I am going into the disabled sports field, so there are many people there with all sorts of different illnesses/disabilities and you don’t really know me yet. I am quite sure that a lot of people will panic if I fall over etc.

So now onwards to the interview that has happened on Sky TV today 4th March 2023

Many Thanks to Tom Plender and Professor Mark Edwards for teaming up to be interviewed on Sky TV on Saturday 4th February to talk about FND

Here’s the write-up about it on the Sky news channel


Here is the link to the video from Sky of the interview

Also our FND group, is sitting down with MPs on the 8th to discuss the Extra funding etc

Extra Dates to watch out for are: 

Neuro Diversity Week 13-19th March https://www.neurodiversityweek.com/

March 25th is FND awareness day  So look out for updates from www.fndhope.org www.fndaction.org

Neuro Diversity Week 13-19th March https://www.neurodiversityweek.com/

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