Ai Photos of Disabled People in Sports

Ai and I have not worked together well so far, I could not find the right program or effect that I wanted. I knew what I needed in my head, but expressing it in an AI format was a problem.

So why did I go down this route, put simply I wanted to offer anyone my photographs to be different to any other photographer. Anyone with a camera or Phone can make good images, but in this era, I did not want to stop at that. That is a tried and tested way to shoot some photos and deliver them as prints, or digital downloads.

So AI takes my photographs into a fantasy realm of photography of just being different, as I strive to get the best photographs of any disabled sport I can and then turn them into individual works of art. The AI process is one where I can do two or more photographs and the Ai will output something different each time, yes there are subtle differences, so each one is Unique, just like the real-time capture e.g. unless someone was in the same position, camera equipment and pressed the shutter button at just the right moment, no two photographers get the same shot. Just like Ai it makes each creation Unique.

Remember at the heart of these images is a real photograph of disabled people enjoying their respective sports, I am just doing something different with the outcome, something I hope you will hang on the wall for all to see.

Enough of writing, let me show you a few examples of what I have done so far and if you want an image to be done this way please drop me an email as this technique for me is less than 24 hours old. So I have not set up options, or styles I can offer as I have not read the extensive list that this program offers.

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