• The Disability Show 6-7th July

    For me this was a make-or-break show, as since starting up “The Disability Sports Network”, I have found a warm welcome amongst the disabled community to what I am doing, […]

  • Sorry for the silence

    For me life has been very hectic over the past few weeks, as I was busy preparing for the Disability Expo, The Parallel Lifestyle event I photographed, redesigning the website […]

  • Special Announcement

    I have finally made it official and The Disability Sports Network is a CIC (Community Interest Company) I want to give back to the disabled community by providing great low […]

  • Exciting times ahead for The Disability Sports Network

    There are a lot of developments happening in my world at present and they will benefit everyone in the disabled sports arena and beyond 1. A brand-new website to wander […]

  • Disability Expo 6th 7th July

    Hello Well, it is just under a month before I go to the disability expo for the first time, exhibiting my photography skills, and what I can do for you. […]

  • Naidex 22-23rd March 2023

    My main aim for going to Naidex was to look at wheelchairs and see what kitchen aids I could get to use to make my life easier.  Now on the […]

  • Disability Expo 6-7 July 2023 at the Excel Centre, London

    was looking at ways to advertise that my company “The Disability Sports Network” could advertise its fledgling business, as I only started this a week ago yes a week ago, […]

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The Disability Sports Network is now a CIC
Community Interest Company
Registration number 14952638 &
Member of the Sports Journalist Association

I donate to them every Month, What about you?, They save lives

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People playing wheelchair basketball at the Aspire leisure centre, Stanmore, London the teams are London Titans vs Wirldwind WBB
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